About ME

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About Tazmatic:
A visual artist from Chicago, that has created his own form of Artistic
expression, two techniques "Scribble" done with inks pen or markers (Ex. Pac/Biggie Drawings) and his other technique called ‘EnerFlo’ (Ex. Prince, Muhammad Ali)  the technique comes from
the traditional medium/illustrative technique called Scratch board which uses
gold or silver etching colours. EnerFlo involves lines of Engery that mimics Scratch
board etching but also shows energy along with a selection of colours to create
the form of the subject. Tazmatic expresses these techniques through drawing/painting
traditionally and digitally he has had exposure throughout Atlanta, LA and Vegas. Tazmatic
history of Art is far from Traditional as he specialised in Game Design in 2010
before being exposed to illustration, portraiture, figure drawings, &
Visual design leading him to experiment with mixing different art forms
& techniques leading him to create EnerFlo.

Tazmatic has sold and earned recognition to Ccelebrities and Artists such as 50cent, Kcamp, Julian Marley,Lupe Fiasco, Matt Barnes, Antonio Brown and more!
Also featured on News 3 (Vegas), RevoltTV, Trapped Magazine (London, UK),Colossill Magazine and more.

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